British Values

Barbara Priestman Academy has a structured programme which runs throughout all Key Stages. This promotes the important role which students play in British society.
British values play an integral part of this and we seek to increase knowledge, understanding and promotion of living in a diverse society with freedom of choice and democracy.





We promote British values through Personal and Social Education and Citizenship lessons which run alongside assemblies, Dramatic Enquiry and Philosophy for Children sessions which focus on various aspects of British values.

The Academy also takes every opportunity across the curriculum to link subject content to British values, for example on 16th June 2016, to mark the England V Wales Euro match, students participated in various activities, which included watching England take a 2 – 1 victory!


Barbara Priestman Academy has now been awarded Fairtrade School status!
This is now known as the Fair Achiever Award.

Thanks to all the hard work from staff, pupils and staff in the café and canteen.
We have learnt a lot about the importance of Fairtrade and we hope that staff, parents and pupils will help us by continuing to support this project.
You can do this by buying Fairtrade products in the café and also when you go to the supermarket each week.

“Did you know that Sainsburys only sells Fairtrade bananas?” They sell an incredible 650 million Fairtrade bananas a year.  – Dominic Parkin