Learning Environment

During the second year of the ‘Change School Programme’ the Head Teacher received notification that the school was to be re-built under the Building Schools for the Future programme. To assist the required consultation process, a project was set up within the CP programme. Working with five different practitioners the project was devised to give the staff and students an opportunity to explore different learning environments and enable them to think about what changes would be beneficial to the school. Members of staff volunteered to take part and joined with a practitioner. Each group visited a place of interest, in order to gain ideas for what they could do in the school. The areas of interest were established at an Open Space event which all staff took part in. Five key areas of interest were decided upon. The final event was for the staff and practitioners to pitch their ideas to all the students in the school to gain their thoughts on each area and to see what was most important to the school.

However between starting the consultation process and the final ‘pitching’ event there was a change in government and the BSF programme was shelved. It was decide to still go ahead with the pitching sessions as the information gained would still be useful if further funding were found.

Changes to the School by James Agnew

Our School is planning to make some changes to the building, so it looks more professional. So far we have changed our name from ‘Barbara Priestman School’ to ‘Barbara Priestman School and Technology College’. A while ago we were shown 5 PowerPoints, concerning changes to the school. It showed that if we had enough money we could change the cafe, the front doorway and even in later years to come, have a farm. Now I’m not really one for change, however the Cafe has been redesigned and it looks more like a Cafe than it used to. The front doorway has expanded and even has a seating area. I like the changes.

Welcome to Our School

Looking at how the school presents itself to visitors was the focus for one of the research groups. The staff were given time to reflect on what the image and impression Barbara Priestman gives to visitors when they come into the school. During the research phase they were able to visit a number of different […]

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The Heart of the School

The final research group’s focus was to look at ‘The heart of the school’. During their research period the staff visited a number of other schools in the region to look at how their reception areas were presented. The group presented three different ideas about how improvements could be made to schools reception area. Many […]

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Joining Inside Learning to the Outside

Joining Inside Learning to the Outside was the focus for a group of staff who were keen to make the best use of the forest school area. The school are going ahead with plans to build a permanent classroom in the forest school. The classroom will be used by all the pupils as a resource […]

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Garden Kitchen

The establishment of a garden kitchen was the focus for a group of staff who were keen to make practical use of the forest school area. The school have been working for several years to make the forest school into an outstanding space for a whole range of teaching and learning activities. The staff are […]

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Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology enables self-organising groups of all sizes to deal with highly complex issues in a condensed period of time (normally over a couple of days). Groups of people that are passionate about the subject of the conference and prepared to take responsibility for it gather together to identify the questions and issues they […]

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Does Size Matter

Another group of staff chose to research the concept of how space is used effectively in the school. Using the question ‘Does Size Matter’ the group visited three well know venues in Newcastle to reflect on how space is used for different purposes. Using the visits and discussions the group came up with more questions […]

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