Welcome to our school

Looking at how the school presents itself to visitors was the focus for one of the research groups. The staff were given time to reflect on what the image and impression Barbara Priestman gives to visitors when they come into the school. During the research phase they were able to visit a number of different settings and establish what types of changes they would like to make to the front of the school building.

This group gave three different proposals which differed in costs.

Bid one (Basic)

Board, skim and paint wall. Bright colour. Move doors-create porch on entrance. Lay new floor (marmoleum) neutral colour. Replace lighting. Two small sofa’s. Coffee table. Vase with flowers. Wall boxes. Name of school on front.

Bid two

Coffee/drinks machine, Reception desk, Bistro tables and chairs, Tall plants, Hanging system for display, Garden

Bid three

Stained glass/Perspex window, Sculpture outside

Many of the ideas suggested in this pitch have been put in place in the school.

Two new signs have been installed to the front of the building.

The foyer area has been redecorated and re-floored.

The entrance doors have been moved from the side to the front of the building.

A coffee machine has been installed along with comfortable seating.