Exams and Assessments

Assessment for vocational courses takes place throughout the year and students can work towards courses over a period of time.
Assessment methods can include, written assignments, role play, observation/witness statements, video evidence, performances and demonstrations.
Students will receive feedback verbally and in written format to confirm the achievement of their course.
Students will also take part in a range of visits and trips related to their course and can also be assessed whilst taking part in activities outside of school.
We ensure that we offer a varied curriculum to meet individual needs and support progression and aspirations. 
Working with a range of awarding bodies, students are able to study a range of vocational courses from Year 10.
We have Centre approval with the Awarding Bodies below;
·         BTEC (Sport, Jamie Oliver Cookery, Travel & Tourism, IT, Art & Design and Photography)
·         NCFE (Music & Performance)
·         ONE Awards
·         NOCN (Independent Living, Horticulture & Personal Development)
·         Compass (Animal Care)

Exam Results

Exam Timetable 2018

Date Start Board Component Code Component Title Level
Friday 8th May 9:15 AQA 42701 English Level 1 Reading FSKL/L1
Friday 18th May 13:30 AQA 47202 English Level 1 Writing FSKL/L1
Thursday 24th May 09:15 Edexel/GCSE 1MA1 1F Non Calculator (F) GCSE/9FC
Thursday 7th June 09:15 Edexel/GCSE 1MA1 2F Calculator (F) GCSE/9FC
Tuesday 12th June 09:15 Edexel/GCSE 1MA1 3F Caluclator (F) GCSE/9FC