Image of the week

One way we teach students to become better thinkers through dialogue is through our Image of the Week sessions. Each week, students are shown an image and asked to discuss what it makes them think, how it makes them feel,what it makes them wonder etc.
The essence of sessions are captured by staff and students write their key thoughts on a thought bubble which are displayed in school.
Parents, carers and visitors to school are encouraged to share their thoughts too.

This Week’s Image

3rd June 2019

Suitcase Book

20th May 2019

House Optical Illusion

13th May 2019

Superman vs Man

11th March 2019

Chess Book

4th February 2019


28th January 2019

Earth In Hand

21st January 2019

Jigsaw Heart

14th January 2019

Lungs Book

7th January 2019

Adult and Child Sculpture

17th December 2018

Christmas Tree

10th December 2018

Children and Car

23rd November 2018

Vultures & Dove

8th November 2018

Barcode book

1st November 2018

coloured rain

9th October 2018

Hands -love