Week 3 Meal Menu






Main meal including Carbs and Vegetables

Chicken Enchilada served with savoury rice (carrot, pea ,celery) Breaded Pollock served with homemade potato croquettes, peas, cabbage and sautéed leek Roast  Pork dinner, Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower,  potatoes and carrots Homemade chicken burger served with beans and sweet corn Beef lasagne, oven crisp potato wedges

Vegetarian  Option

Jacket Potato filled with cheese savoury Pak Choi, mong tout, broccoli, courgette and beansprout oriental stir fry with egg noodles Mushroom, spinach and garlic past finished with crème fraiche served with garlic bread Vegetable Fajitas served with boiled rice Vegetarian lasagne oven crisp wedges

Salad Option

Chicken Caesar salad or Chicken, iceberg, tomato dressed with a garlic mayo Lightly spiced turkey kebabs with a minted green salad and garlic dressing Honey roast ham and chick pea salad or Ham, iceberg, tomato and cucumber wrap Oriental Chicken salad or Oriental chicken, Chinese lettuce, beansprouts and mong tout wrap Feta cheese, black olive and tomato salad or Cheese savoury wrap


Banana with toffee sauce or Apple or Yoghurt Shortbread biscuits and milk or Banana or Yoghurt Ginger steam pudding or Orange or Yoghurt Mixed berries granola or Apple or Yoghurt Sticky toffee pudding or Banana or Yoghurt