16 – 19 Study Centre

All students in the 6th form work towards the Duke of Edinburgh award.
This encourages students to develop a talent, make a difference to their community and the people in it, and challenge themselves to do things that they may not have done before and to develop an active lifestyle through participation in sports based activities.

The curriculum in 6th form aims to provide students with opportunities to develop independence skills, skills for working life, and develop active citizenship skills. Work experience is part of the curriculum from year 11 onwards.

In year 11 all students have external placements with support as necessary.

We try to place students in an employment sector of their choice. In post-16 students have longer term work placements through our internship programme.

Core Offer

Meet our sixth form staff

Glen Richardson – Head of Sixth form/Assistant Head
Leader Student Well-being
Leader of ICT

Natalie Preece – CEIAG Lead
Vocational Qualifications and Quality Assurance

Bev Donachie – Transitions and Work placements

Dave Atkinson – Leader of Outdoor Learning

Emily Landells – Leader of Arts

Maria Parry – Travel Training

Emma Pearson – Teacher of ICT

Aimee Patterson – Leader of DT

Donna Foster – TA

Mark McNichol – Teacher

Shelley Baxter – Teacher

Sixth form curriculum